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[Webinar Recording] How All Client Portfolios Will Be Managed in 10 Years - Presented by Nebo Wealth, Smartleaf AM and EVO

Posted by Gerard Michael on April 18, 2024


Imagine a future where every client portfolio is personalized to their goals and needs, optimally tax-managed and continuously aligned to their evolving financial plan. That future is now. 


Industry leaders Martin Tarlie from Nebo Wealth, Jerry Michael of Smartleaf AM and Mike Casciano of EVO discuss how this is not only possible, but easy to implement without any changes to your existing infrastructure.

See live demos and real-world applications that finally connect the plan to the portfolio and enable automation of formerly highly manual and time-consuming processes. Other topics covered include:

  1. Optimization: Learn how Nebo Wealth takes the client’s cash flow projections, as specified by their financial plan, incorporates the advisor’s investment views, and creates a unique portfolio that is optimized for each investor’s needs. 

  2. Personalization: See how Smartleaf AM delivers ongoing tax-optimized portfolio management that incorporates each client’s investment preferences, including product choice, easy direct indexing, custom cash management, and religious value/ESG screens.

  3. Your Takeaway: Cost efficient strategies to unlock capacity, streamline operations, and deliver a differentiated, exceptional client experience.


Gerard Michael
Gerard Michael

President, Co-Founder