Investment Products and Asset Allocation



Whose asset allocations and models can I use? 

There are three options. You can use your own proprietary strategies, SAM’s strategies, and/or 3rd-party strategies.


What investment products do you handle? 

You can tell us which products or security models to use in each asset class. We support any combination of Mutual Funds, ETFs, US Equities and ADRs, your proprietary equity models, 3rd party models, and direct indexes.


What combinations of investment products can you handle at one time in one portfolio?

Any combination of the above mentioned investment products. Every portfolio can have any combination.

How often does SAM review each account? 

Every day. SAM reviews every account, every day, for opportunities to help your clients -- whether its reducing drift to your chosen asset allocations and product choices, lowering taxes through tax loss harvesting or making sure your customization choices are being obeyed.


What is the minimum and maximum account size? 

None. Give us any and all accounts, no matter how big or small, simple or complex, taxable or non-taxable. However, UMH accounts require a minimum account size.


Which custodians do you integrate with?

SAM is available on Fidelity, Schwab, and Interactive Brokers.