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Smartleaf Asset Management Announces Collaboration with Clearstead Advisors to Deliver Personalization and Tax Optimization at Scale

Posted by Gerard Michael on January 9, 2024


Smartleaf Asset Management's menu of personalized and tax-optimized investment capabilities poised to enhance and streamline portfolio management for $30.0 billion AUA Clearstead. Clearstead-banner

BOSTON - January 9th, 2024 - Smartleaf Asset Management, LLC (“SAM”), the RIA subsidiary of Smartleaf, today announced a strategic partnership with private wealth management and institutional investment consulting firm Clearstead Advisors (“Clearstead”). This collaboration, which will afford Clearstead clients with greater access to personalized and tax-efficient investment options – including direct indexes – marks a milestone in SAM’s ongoing efforts to empower financial professionals and firms to deliver outstanding portfolio management. 


Under this strategic partnership, SAM will act as a subadvisor for Clearstead, which currently has more than $30.0 billion in assets under advisement. SAM’s responsibilities will encompass the ongoing review, rebalancing, and trading of Clearstead's client portfolios. SAM will implement client personalization preferences set by the advisor, including custom product selection and cash management, as well as religious value, socially responsible investing (SRI) and security screens. Further, SAM will be responsible for implementing tax management, including tax-sensitive transitions, year-round loss harvesting and ongoing risk-sensitive gains deferral. In conjunction with its tax management, SAM will be providing a “Taxes Saved or Deferred Report” that enables advisors to document how much each account has saved or deferred in taxes through Clearstead’s active tax management. 


“Smartleaf Asset Management is an entrepreneurial partner with flexibility, scale and proven capabilities,” said Aneet Deshpande, CFA, executive managing director and chief investment officer at Clearstead. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with them to provide greater personalization and tax optimization options for our advisors and their clients’ portfolios. This collaboration is entirely consistent with Clearstead's planning-first approach with a focus on taxes.”


As part of its service, SAM will provide Clearstead with access to a broad range of direct indexes. Clearstead will also enjoy a nimbler ability to implement the directives of its investment policy committee.


“At Smartleaf Asset Management, we cater to firms that have moved beyond product, trade and performance-oriented value propositions, and instead strive to be their clients’ lifetime financial coach and guardian,” added Gerard Michael, president of Smartleaf Asset Management. “Clearstead exemplifies this client-centric approach, and we are thrilled to play a role in this ongoing journey." 


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About Smartleaf Asset Management

Smartleaf Asset Management, LLC (“SAM”), an SEC-registered advisor, is a subsidiary of Smartleaf, Inc. SAM leverages Smartleaf’s software to provide sub-advisory services that make delivering personalized and tax-optimized portfolios simple and scalable. For more information on SAM, visit or contact us at


About Clearstead Advisors:

Clearstead is an independent financial advisory firm serving wealthy families and leading institutions across the country. As a fiduciary, it provides wealth management services and investment consulting to enable clients to meet their financial objectives, achieve their aspirations, and build strong futures. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Clearstead integrates services into custom strategies through more than 150 employees with expertise in financial planning, tax planning and compliance, investment advisory, research, and trust services. The firm was founded in 1989 and has approximately $30.0 billion in assets under advisement. For more information about Clearstead, please visit


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