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2022 Taxes Saved or Deferred Report

Posted by Gerard Michael on March 30, 2023



In 2022, the clients of Smartleaf Asset Management users saved or deferred an average of 2.86% in taxes.



Our 2022 Taxes Saved or Deferred numbers are in! 

SAM’s account-level Estimated Taxes Saved or Deferred Report enables advisors to document for each account the value they’re adding through automated tax management.

Last year, the average client of SAM users saved or deferred taxes equal to 2.86% of the value of assets that were actively tax-managed.1 

That’s more than most advisors charge in fees. This result is not guaranteed, but we expect it to be typical. In 2022, our parent company, Smartleaf, Inc., conducted a study in cooperation with Altium Wealth Management, a user, like SAM, of Smartleaf’s automated tax-optimization system. The study sought to answer the question “what percentage of accounts had cumulative tax savings or deferrals greater than their fees?"

The answer: 68% of Altium’s accounts saved or deferred more in taxes than paid in fees, with that number rising to 90% on a dollar-weighted basis. Read the full case study here.

To learn more about our estimated taxes saved report, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can view a sample copy of our Taxes Saved Report here.


1. Actively tax-managed assets = US listed mutual funds, ETFs, ADRs and equities. 

Gerard Michael
Gerard Michael

President, Co-Founder