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Our Philosophy: Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing is an investment strategy in which long-only equity portfolios aim to track a specific index with a user-selectable number of holdings. They are constructed using automated quantitative methods designed to provide a risk-factor exposure that is similar to that of the index while opportunistically adding value via tax management. 

Smartleaf Asset Management offers Direct Indexing portfolios called Smartleaf Core Portfolios (SCPs).

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Direct Indexing has several benefits over ETFs and index mutual funds due to holding individual equities:

Tax Management

Even when the market goes up, some securities decline in value. Holding individual securities allows investors to harvest losses and defer realizing gains at the lot level.

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Direct indexing allows for security-level customization. Investors can exclude individual securities as well as put their own imprint on a portfolio by deciding which SRI issues are most important to them.

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Portfolios with existing low-basis securities can be transitioned into a direct indexing portfolio, helping investors to manage the tax effects of transitions and potentially realize significant tax savings.

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