We are currently available to Registered Investment Advisors on the Interactive Brokers (IB) platform.  


1) Sign the Subadvisory Agreement 

Please fill out the Get Started Form on the right and you will receive an email shortly from us with the subadvisory agreement, our ADV Brochure, and instructions. 


2) Log onto your Interactive Brokers Account

Once you have signed the agreement, log onto Account Management and then click on Investors' Marketplace > Search Services > Investing > Money Manager. 

Interactive Brokers Money Managers


3) Select SAM as Money Manager

Within the list of Money Managers, find and select Smartleaf Asset Management, LLC and then click on Add.

Add Smartleaf Asset Management as a Money Manager


4) Fill out the form

The ensuing form acknowledges to IB that you have a signed agreement with SAM.


5) Done!

You will now be able to assign any account to be managed by SAM. Interactive Brokers will allow you to select which holdings you would like to transfer to be subadvised, and we will give you access to a secure, interactive, and intuitive form that allows you to set customization preferences for each account.